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​​​Illuminate the Way!





The Sun:   Christ the Light of the World who Illuminates the Way

The butterfly:   Christ's Resurrection and new life through Him

The Red flower:  The redeeming  blood of Christ

The drop of water:  The Word of God,

The Living Water that springs up to eternal life. 

"If anyone thirsts let him come to me and drink."  -John 7:37

Our human body was made to live on water but our Soul was made to live on Christ.  Just as our body needs water to survive so our soul needs Christ to survive.  

A drop of honey:  The sweetness of Life!

Mother & Child:   Birth, The Beginning 

Food:  Nourishment

Hummingbird:   An invitation to enjoy and seek the goodness of Life

The People who carry the light of Christ:   This is the gathering.

We remember and honor our Loved ones who have gone ahead of us.  As Christians we believe in the resurrection and we trust that one day we will be reunited with all our friends and family who also Believe!