A tribute to Juan Diego

Blessed are the Feet who bring the Good News

Created in commemoration of The Feast of Juan Diego for Our Lady of Angels Cathedral 

Blessed Are the Feet of Those who bring the Good News.


What makes a saint?  Is it hearing the voice of God?  Is it responding to a call? Juan Diego, a simple, humble and faithful man, heard a voice of Love calling his name.   It was the voice of a compassionate and merciful mother, the Virgin Mary, making a request in a language he understood.  He answered the call.  It is something all of us can do.  San Juan Diego unwavering, stands upon a stone pedestal carrying a message of hope.
from La Virgen de Guadalupe, Mother of the Americas telling us to pray.  It is an invitation to step into a walk with Christ.   She is above and behind him watching over all her people.   A rose in a hand is a symbol of the hope the people received upon hearing the Good News.   Baptismal waters flow underneath to represent our new life and union with God in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  The water nourishes the roots to symbolize that we should be rooted and built up in Christ.   On the bottom right, a crown of thorns reminds us that Christ Our King bore our sins for us.   Three roses represent the Holy Trinity, their color, a symbol of His precious blood.
The Maguey plant represents the people of Mexico.   Like the fibers of the plant they are strong and their faith is tightly interwoven into their lives.  The Tilma of San Juan Diego was made with fibers of the Maguey plant.   The angels stand like columns, pillars of strength and the people represent hope, prayers, offerings, sacrifice and trust.

~ Laura Vazquez Rodriguez  


Sacred Art